Quality content is consolidated as the cornerstone for customer loyalty

Any strategy that desires to be successful in Social Media must count on having a good dose of quality content. This is the main course that users demand when it comes to meeting their needs in the varied menu offered by Social Media. Therefore, content marketing is consolidated as the basis for developing an effective online presence. 

Quality content is consolidated as the cornerstone for customer loyaltySuch is the case, that both large and small companies develop content marketing actions. These must be especially creative, so that they can engage users and promote their loyalty. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 86% of B2C companies make use of their content strategy to attract new customers as well as to keep attendees. For that, Employ up to 12 content marketing tactics. 

When creating an effective content marketing strategy, the main obstacle to 35% of companies is to achieve that touch of creativity, that differentiation that arouses the interest of the audience to want to know more, as reflected The study of the IMN. 33% attribute the scarcity of resources to the lack of effectiveness of their strategy. For its part, only 17% plans to invest more to promote customer loyalty; A fact that contrasts with that of the WCC, which indicated that customer loyalty was the main objective of its content marketing strategy for 77% of B2C companies. 

Content marketing can have a multitude of applications, Depending on the objectives pursued by the company and the target audience. The IMN includes some indications about the most appropriate content types, noting that web content, newsletters and social network updates are the ones with the greatest impact and contribute to foster the loyalty of the target audience, as well as E-mail marketing continues to be the most widespread practice. 

According to the WCC, iIn this year the brands will know how to apply the experience gained since they began their first steps in Social Media. 2017 is emerging as the year of maturation, where brands already know what their customers demand and are willing to work to offer it to them. 

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