Qualities of a Good Meeting Room

Meeting spaces that are uncomfortable, cumbersome or ill-equipped detract from getting things done. Whether it’s an online video conference with a client or co-worker, brainstorming the next big thing for your business or simply bringing together teams large and small to discuss important work, meetings require proper equipment. Without the right tools, meetings can get tangled up in technical problems that keep them from being productive. It’s estimated that managers spend 35% – 50% of their time in meetings, so they need to be efficient to get the work done.

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Inadequate and outdated meeting room design can cause problems, from bad acoustics and lighting to the wrong screen size and uncomfortable furniture. It’s also easy for these factors to cause people to lose focus and energy during the meeting. For modern Meeting Rooms Exeter, go to https://exeter.nettl.com/meeting-rooms/

If the goal is for participants to engage in an online meeting with a remote team, the space must be sound-proofed to eliminate outside noise and activity. Otherwise, the attendees will be distracted and will struggle to remain focused during the call.

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It’s important to confirm that the room has a whiteboard and can accommodate the number of people expected to attend the meeting. This is especially true if the room will be used for presentations. A room that is easily connected to the internet via a conference call system (Zoom Rooms for example) is key to ensuring attendees can join and participate seamlessly. This is an important feature that is often overlooked when choosing a conference room.

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