On the hunt for the consumer: Brand Myopia?

We have seen how, over time, brands have had to put their batteries in the attention of consumers. They are all looking for the emotional connection with their clients today. But my question is, are you suffering from the marks of certain myopia, in the attempt to achieve this objective?

Many brands, in their endeavor, want to get that connection without their employees, when the approach would always be to achieve that goal through them. Connecting with our customers, from the business point of view, is always a process mediated by our employees.

This certain brand myopia, does not recognize the role of human resources as representatives of them, and ultimately, living brands that are going to create that long-awaited emotional connection with customers.

Do we load our brand, on the shoulders of our employees? Or do we let them be living marks? This is the difference. Through the load scheme, we are undermining the potential of our human resources to become the creators of moments of added value. In contrast, in the strategy of living brands, we are also offering added value to the employee’s experience, we are energizing him, and we are recognizing his power and value.

Of course, the right strategy must also be accompanied by other added benefits. As brands, do we have to pay our employees, also as their representatives? I believe that we also have to transfer some remuneration for this concept, but, if that task of escalation in depth in the relationship with customers, by our employees, has to be one of its central tasks.

Do not forget that our human resources are the best vehicle to get all the attributes and brand values, and create a complete customer experience. Behind our desires, as brands, there are people, and in front of our brands there are people too.

And I can not recommend a brand strategy, more effective, and in conditions of limited resources, more successful and direct, than to enhance that intermediation through each client-employee interaction. These interactions that make up, after all, brand experiences, are more important than we sometimes think. In them there is physical exposure of the brand, there is a component of action and simultaneous communication, there is the human and intangible component … All this, well orchestrated, can create important emotional bonds, which can not be achieved in any other way.

It is important, then, that we monitor the ego of our brand, so as not to fall into this trap.

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