Mobile ROI still worries marketing departments

Getting the ROI of mobile marketing is one of the top concerns in marketing departments when planning programs and actions, according to a study conducted by Forrester Research and Aquent. The study also found that few organizations have employees fully dedicated to mobile marketing initiatives.

Mobile ROI still worries marketing departmentsThe study shows that 42% of survey respondents recognized that ROI measurement was the main challenge of mobile marketing, followed by reaching the right audience (34%) and data security (34%). .

The marketing department directors also face the problem of being able to count on human resources when specialized in this tool. U 68% of these executives commented that before being able to hire new employees to do work in this field, they should be able to prove that mobile ROI is positive.

While mobile marketing managers need to understand how technology works, they do not have to be expert programmers, as that kind of knowledge can come from the technical department, contractors, or other outside companies, the study says. But what is important is that mobile marketing experts understand the fundamentals of marketing, with 43% of the answers stating that those employees who are most successful in performing mobile marketing activities have been in their companies those with an experience Previous in traditional marketing.

The study was based on interviews conducted online between August and November 2012 among 155 senior marketing executives with responsibility for mobility strategies.

The growth of investment in mobile marketing has had a significant growth in 2012, with figures above 45% over 2011, as MMA – Mobile Marketing Association – has published these figures in the V Study of Investment in Marketing and Mobile Advertising that annually leads and that makes the consulting company Accenture and which we have already echoed recently.

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