LinkedIn, the most important network for B2B marketing and business

A new study by BtoB magazine indicates that Social Media Marketing is increasing among companies and commercial brands. As expected, the LinkedIn professional network is cited as the top platform for many of the respondents.

The study reveals that social marketing is prepared for growth in the B2B community. 93% of them are engaged in some kind of social projection and most respondents claim that social media marketing supports branding efforts. LinkedIn follows Facebook (20%), Blogs (19%), Customer Communities (14%) and YouTube (7%).

When asked what the best channels were, LinkedIn came out as a favorite by 26% and sellers say it is particularly strong. These results confirm the constant increase of this social network as an ideal channel for business.

Brafton has previously reported that the site posted an increase in the B2B signal and recently reached 100 million members. In addition, the launch of new social search features and its personalized news aggregator make it a viable shared content platform.

Using LinkedIn to distribute content can help B2B marketers find audiences for a superior Social Media Marketing strategy. When asked about the three main obstacles to adopting the SMM for the company, the lack of resources was cited by 70% of the respondents, 57% cited poorly defined success metrics and 44% the lack of knowledge about social media.

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