It is no longer possible to act as in the past, brands need Social media

The change produced in the way we communicate, work and interact that has led to the advent and growing use of social networks, has not only made the landscape in which we move change, but also the way of doing business and in that companies relate to their customers.

The brands are aware that they can not perform the same actions they carried out a few years ago, but some precepts remain immovable, since they are central to any marketing strategy.

There is no doubt that one of the pillars of the action plan of companies when making their marketing strategy, is to try to get the farther better, ie, that their goal is to reach the largest number of real customers or potential customers with the lowest possible cost, whether human or economic, or even time. Before the brands could carry out this with traditional media, such as advertising campaigns in the mass media, outdoor advertising, etc .., which involved facing a considerable expenditure of money, something that, although today is not incompatible with other media , can be alleviated, in part with the use of Social Networks. Although for this reason we should not think that the strategies of Social media are going to leave us at zero cost, without the need to invest time or money.

However, thanks to the appearance of these new channels, our message can be transmitted through the followers of our brand, spreading the content themselves, with which we have the possibility to reach more customers than with a billboard, for example, because with this form of advertising, our message is limited to those people who pass in front of it.

Another thing that a brand should aspire to is reaching its target, which is not guaranteed even if the scope of our message is high, although, yes, if we do it well, we are likely to reach our target audience and be able to meet your needs. For this we must identify those needs, and we can do so using Social Networks, exhaustively analyzing the feedback we get from our audience, connecting to it.

If we have carried out the previous steps in an appropriate way, we should not find problems so that our message is disseminated well in the Social Networks and has enough resonance among the audience. A well-planned strategy, in general, results in the audience, the community, talking positively about us, and the message that we are launching spreading and rapidly viralizing, for which we can, of course, use the social channels, especially Twitter.

When the client already knows what our proposal is, he has already heard our message, it is time for him to decide if he wants to trust and give us a vote of confidence and buy our product, or, if on the contrary, considers that we are not attractive for him and decides not to believe in us. This, neither more nor less, is the crystallization of engagement, what we will achieve if we are able to retain the customer in all stages of the process that begins with the attempt to reach the customer effectively and does not end with the acquisition of the product. by him, but in the constant attention and interest to solve their problems and doubts impeccably.

Only in this way will we get the client to be loyal and to become a prescriber of our brand, for which we find a fundamental ally in Social Networks, since it allows us to reach the client and the community in a much easier and more effective way.

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