Is it really necessary to hire an email marketing service?

“If I can send it from my personal mail, why should I pay?”, Think the most suspicious. That is one of the main reasons that my colleagues, infinitely more trained in the subject than I, comment. And it seems that the most important thing today is to save a few euros but … Do we invest the money well in our company?

Without a doubt, one of the most effective formulas for promoting a business is email marketing. Who has not bought online? Your? Are you sure? Remember … Do you see? We receive a multitude of newsletters and commercials that keep us abreast of the news, products and services offered by each of the companies in which we have subscribed. An easy, fast and effective formula to reach those who so desire.

Is it really necessary to hire an email marketing serviceSo, it’s up to you to sign up for an email marketing service, right? Effectively. One of the reasons why people are reluctant to hire this kind of services is that they do not know what is behind companies like Sarbacán. Anyone can send an email from their own email account and solved problem, especially SMEs or individuals who have a reduced database. “With Outlook I have enough, shipping and period”.

Ignorance = mistrust

Well, because of ignorance, people lose reports of statistics and results as interesting as, for example, knowing the number of people who have opened the email, how many have consulted more than once, who clicked a link Interior and in which, from which city they have consulted him. “Ignorance is the worst enemy of the human being and, the general public, we have no idea of ​​tracking, delivery, segmentation”, primary concepts in email marketing companies

Likewise, there is some mistrust regarding the confidentiality of the recipients. The popular belief is that email addresses should not be shared with anyone. And that is true, but precisely, an emailing company is dedicated to managing in the best possible way, and with the utmost discretion, databases.

At the end of the day the main objective is that the emails arrive at the different inboxes without being considered as spam, fact that can guarantee to a great extent the services of massive sending of emails. And, obviously, no one will get the addresses previously provided. No one.

In addition, there are still thousands of companies that do not do email marketing and are unaware of the existence of services like ours, so the most important at the moment is to become known and improve communication to have more visibility. That’s why I’m here.

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