Is a 2.0 customer service essential?

Much has been said about the world 2.0 demanding full assistance to the customer, where and when it requires it. But when it comes to head first into the pool you will have to make sure it has water. Before embarking on this crusade, we must prepare ourselves, study the terrain and plan a clear and definite strategy. Even so, we may raise some important issues in this regard.

Is a 2.0 customer service essentialIs that what your customers expect? What is the behavior of your community in Social Media? If you have clearly defined your target audience, devote yourself to studying their movements, what their attitude towards social networks, what platforms they prefer, how and for what use. So you can find out what social channels they prefer and what real demand they have. For example, in the case of technology products, if your users demand information about the technical characteristics of the product and how it works, it is probably best to create a YouTube channel with explanatory videos and to enable a forum on your own website.

Why do you want to offer this service? Are you clear on the purpose of your customer service department 2.0? Before opening a direct window to your clients, It is necessary that you establish the functions of the same, its mods operand and its capacity of resolution. It is not enough to open an account and sit and wait for interactions on the part of the client, this service involves an active search and monitoring of everything related to the brand beyond its own borders. On the other hand, what happens once a petition is filed? Do you dedicate yourself solely to recording such a claim, as would a simple administrative one, or what are the responsibilities of the department?

You are ready? In order to provide this service you must have qualified personnel, who have adequate training for the position, as well as communicative and resolution skills. In addition to that, every action must respond to a strategy. It is necessary that there be a policy of action in each case, and basic guidelines, which help to react in the first instance.

Do you really need it? Do you know if your audience will use it? You have to assess both the suitability of the investment and the real need for the service. Once again, know your audience. According to Matt Dixon CEO of CEB, only 1.8% of customers turn to social networks in the first instance to contact the company. Rather, they use it as a way to raise a public complaint, after exhausting all alternative channels. Social networks are the perfect loudspeaker for public opinion. Perhaps reinforcing the other means of communication will prevent customers from publicly demanding your attention; Or on the contrary you decide to take advantage of the immediacy and ease of use of social networks, as well as their low cost, to offer a fast and effective attention.

Definitely, nobody forces us to have a customer service in social networks, although it is recommended today, as a means to favor the rapprochement with your customers. But, above all, before taking any action, consider if that is what you really need and you are prepared to take that challenge.

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