In Real Estate It’s Location. In SEO It’s Content.

Search engines can tell the difference between a list of keywords and a real piece of writing. People can skip or screen adverts on TV, on the radio or online. So how can you reach out to them? How can you make sure that your potential customers know where you are, what you have to offer, and how to reach you? The answer is content.

In Real Estate

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Why Is Content Important?

Search Engine Optimisation is no longer just about having enough keywords to be near the top of the Google search result. In fact, keyword stuffing is now a bad idea. Instead, it’s about creating content that’s appealing to people who visit your site, and about using that content to draw people to your business. Adverts scream at people to come and buy – good content entices people by giving them information that they actually want or need. If you’re overhauling your presence business via a website designer in Cheltenham or elsewhere, you need to ask about content marketing as well as layout and design.

How Can I Produce Good Content?

Good content marketing means that you regularly publish relevant, interesting material that your customers and potential customers will want to engage with and share for its own sake. If you regularly produce good quality content then your brand and your business becomes more familiar to your target audience. If you are a plumber and you write about how to decide when to do small jobs yourself and when to call an expert, your business will remain in people’s minds as well as your advice. You can find other ideas about good content marketing here.

Updating your website regularly keeps it fresh and relevant; people know that your business is active and involved. Using video as well as text appeals to a wide range of people, and if the content is informative and entertaining you have a better chance of people choosing to share your content. Most companies like 16I Web designers in Cheltenham and others are used to dealing with multimedia content strategies for their clients.

Building your brand is about building a relationship with customers. It’s about offering value for money and developing trust. Good content can help you do that, whether it’s sharing hair-care tips, early information about special offers or an updated description of services.

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