Improve customer experience among the strategic priorities of B2B companies

The customer experience is emerging as a differentiating factor when choosing a brand, above the price or the product itself.

Technology has provided customers tools used throughout the process. It means allowing contact with the brand and its products in an unknown dimension so far. Brands have to be able to harness the technologies to be present at all points of contact, in order to be able to act at all times, thus helping to provide a customer experience that exceeds your expectations.

Regalix as reflected in its Report on B2B customer experience, which shows the influence and benefits of customer experience, as well as barriers to get it. Thus, we were able to find out that the customer experience is among the strategic priorities of the company. 91% say that improvement in this aspect, permanently, is an objective of utmost importance.

Improve customer experience among the strategic priorities of B2B companiesTo analyze the evolution of its shares, 80% use customer retention rate as an indication of the effectiveness of their programs. However, 76% do not have an integrated perspective showing all aspects of the customer relationship with the company.

Another important aspect to improve is the concept of customer experience, and goals to pursue him oriented oriented strategy. To 91% it is important to integrate customer feedback in product development, in order to provide a superior experience, tailored to your needs. However, 82% said that their main goal is to differentiate from the competition.

Meanwhile, the mobile experience to figure takes precedence only 46% of the companies participating in the study, the same percentage of those who consider essential to design a strategy omminchannel. The positive note is that these companies are seriously committed to that customer experience is a task that affects equally to all levels of the company.

What techniques used by companies to improve customer experience?

The resource most commonly used to determine the degree of customer satisfaction with the company is the development of an annual survey (62%), supplemented with qualitative analysis techniques (focus groups, individual interviews).

In addition, more than half of companies (52%) have begun to record customer behavior in order to meet the travel route during the purchase process and the different points of contact with the company.

On the one hand, 46% reduce their knowledge of customer ratings registered through comments, or indicative as the retention rate. Only 42% are using tools to make your purchase behavior post.

The results of the survey conclude, on the other hand, that businesses are aware of the influence of the customer experience in their post-purchase behavior.

Thus, 80% of respondents believe that positive recommendations are one of the main benefits of providing a good customer experience. It also encourages repeat purchase rate, and loyalty. 60% say they have seen an increase in sales as a result of providing a positive customer experience.

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