If Social Media is so easy, why are not many SMEs successful?

To this day and after many readings of articles on Social Media, I am still surprised that there is talk of success in Social Media linked to SMEs.

I have the feeling of reading many times the same thing as if the concepts however much that the macaques are going to change a reality that, for the moment, in general, I think evangelizing but little given to practice and the realization of reliable results in the time.

I fear that all concepts are already invented and that many are taking advantage of this Social Media pull to make literature of their beatitudes but without chicha without really useful and attractive content. 

If Social Media is so easy, why are not many SMEs successfulFilling a space in a medium of communication, especially if it has a wide diffusion, requires a social responsibility exercise that often escapes publishers ready only to the impact of a message, a striking headline that is dismembered as soon as you have read with Certain rigor some lines. 

If there is someone who establishes that dominating the 2.0 language is essential not only to manage in the digital environments but to have certain possibilities of success, and that without going into evaluating exactly what it means to master 2.0 language. 

The truth is that sometimes reading some of these articles seems so easy that I wonder why so many lines on this subject. An average follower or reader, according to this false impression, could have learned so much from Social Media that it would not require much effort to develop what they call “an effective presence in social networks. 

However between being and being there is an important gap and starting from who you are for what you want to be in Social Networking does not seem to me the best starting point, not even a desirable goal since it is really about being in its most extensive sense, by autonomy, with its own signs of identity and, in short, it differentiates us from the wide diversity that we are. 

We are essentially the same but different in the way we interpret our reality and, in that context, we enjoy a wealth, we would say “superior” in the sense that our connections amplify and amplify our knowledge taken dyes almost unsuspected.

In order not to look for a hundred feet at the cat, as in any other activity, we will not be able to project our work unless we have some minimum knowledge that, in the case of Social Media, demand a permanent update since its pace is so accelerated that I doubt and I distrust the meager supply of courses and masters at a low interest rate. 

What is time without knowledge?

As an opportunity, the greatest good par excellence that managed correctly can provide us with a degree of experience. 

This truism that is learned from the first steps seems to some to a new discovery, something revealing that deserves to be written in bold. 

I think that if there is nothing to say, it is best to be silent and not fill headlines with the same old song, circumstantial and irrelevant. Or is it that influence is measured by the insane habit of torpedoing the reader with the same stories?

Not everyone knows everything, it is obvious, but everyone has his little niche of knowledge and is no more specialist in a subject because he is a heavy. 

Listening could serve us all but if my clients had enough experience to cover their needs I would close the business and dedicate myself to other tasks where it really was useful. 

The quality must begin with oneself and not to encourage engagement with false flattery. And is that, sometimes, you paint everything so easy that it seems that everyone knows how to listen, connect and get the participation of a particular community of users. 

If this were so, so easy, We may have already witnessed numerous cases of success in Social Media in SMEs, but to this day, and saving honorable exceptions, it seems more like a breeding ground where it continues to emphasize concepts but with only reliable balances. 

And despite the great importance of social networks in any comprehensive marketing strategy, not everyone is able to successfully manage a crisis of online reputation or contribute content that goes beyond the “tired refrain” of always.

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