How to really know your client and increase the ROI in Social Media

Today we have at our reach infinite resources to know our customers. Trends are published every day and we have a multitude of tools at our disposal; both to analyze the activity in social networks, as web analytics and to optimize our time. Given such an avalanche of information, we can not dedicate ourselves to collecting figures and graphs, we must extract those conclusions that interest us the most and take advantage of them to optimize our strategy and with it to improve the return on investment. But, how to really know our client and increase the ROI in Social Media?

Who are you headed to? How to make an adequate segmentation?

Make a demographic analysis of your followers in each social network. How many are they, what is their age, their gender, where do they live? Once you have determined who they are, you have to evaluate if their profile matches that of your target audience. For example, if you have an online lingerie store and you discover that most of your Facebook fans are teenagers, you are not reaching the right audience, you will have to adapt your strategy.

Analyze the behavior of your followers in social networks.

You have to know when they access your profile, to concentrate your actions in that space of time. The studies will also be useful to find out how often users use social networks, as well as the type of device they use for their consultation. Contrast these data with your own information and you can draw conclusions very close to reality.

What is the degree of engagement with your customers?

To find out, consider the following questions: Do you comment on your social networks? What are your interactions based on? Do they ask you directly? In which products are you most interested? Extract this data, place it in a table and you can recreate a scenario of your online activity. You may not have noticed that your customers have a special preference for the photos you post, and that they share them with their friends, although they do not leave their comments. Possibly you would encourage them if you create a contest where they have to vote and comment on the images they like the most.

How to identify the needs of your customers?

It is a fact, customers comment on social networks, both their own and others. To know everything that happens around your brand is essential to use the monitoring tools. But it is not enough to record your results on paper, but you have to put active listening into practice, detect mentions in time and make an appearance when the situation requires it. Sometimes it will simply be necessary to intervene to thank your opinion, or to offer your support, if you need to expand information; but you have to demos that you’re there.

What characteristics does your brand have that makes it unique and special?

It is important that you know which of your strengths are the most valued by your followers, in order to reinforce them, and with them the degree of affinity with your users. Launch a simple opinion poll on your website, always with an incentive, or an application on Facebook. A unique opportunity to know the value of your company and its service is after completing the purchase process. Once the service is completed, it is a detail that you contact the client, make a simple survey and reward him with a discount or special gift as a loyalty reward.

Definitely, Social Media favors an in-depth analysis of your company and your potential clients. It allows you to listen to what your users are asking you, in real time. They have the answer you’re looking for, listen to them. Only then can you offer what they need. What is your case? Do you know your customers well?

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