How to make your fans the best ambassadors of your brand

The fans are the most valuable asset of a company, and I speak of the true fans, of those people, with real name and surname, who decide to follow a brand disinterestedly, voluntarily, moved because it transmits some values which are related to their interests. The true followers of a brand are active in social networks and have real needs, which the brand must satisfy if it wants them to stay with them.

How to make your fans the best ambassadors of your brandThe fans bring credibility to the brand. 63% of users value with special interest the comments and opinions of other consumers about a product. This percentage rises when we talk about the recommendations made by our friends and acquaintances, where 90% relies on the word of a relative,friend or someone close to us. Another very important factor in that the followers benefit the brand is that they get a greater visibility of this one, in front of the gallery. Between 20% and 50% of the purchase decisions are transmitted by word of mouth. Sure you do too, you often comment on your environment or social profile what is the last thing you have bought, or how proud you are of having such or such a whim. This type of actions promote the viralization of the content, with which the image of the brand transcends and expands in the social environment.

How to promote the loyalty of your followers in Social Media?

The cornerstone for achieving customer loyalty is to bring value, offer you quality content that fits your interests. This will keep you by your side. Surprise him with fun actions that will surprise him and encourage him to interact with your brand. Motívale with discounts and special offers; offer exclusive information about your products that are of added value for him? The most important thing is to create a solid community, where its members feel integrated; a place where users can go to solve their doubts, where their comments are heeded; 97% of users consider that online interaction with the brand influences their purchase decision.

In short, an environment where there is a two-way, fluid communication between the brand and its followers. In this way they will feel the brand as their own, as such they will take care of it and act on their behalf.

Who are the best ambassadors of your brand?

Yourself. You are the first lover of your brand, who will best defend it by the sword. But for that reason you are also the one who has all the responsibility to make it deserving of the favors of your followers. Study your competitive advantage, reinforce your strengths and show them openly, honestly, but also attractive, that enamore your fans. Use it for storytelling, create a world of positive experiences around your brand and your followers will want to stay by your side.

The female audience.They constitute the profile of the main consumer; 80% of them are willing to try products based on the opinions of other users. In addition, they can be a source of positive comments for your brand; 74% of them would recommend your products in their environment. Another point in favor is that they are especially active in social networks, mainly those that are between 18 and 34 years old. This figure contrasts with the male audience, whose average percentage of participation in social networks is 15%, compared to 55% of women.

Your employees.They are an extension of your brand, your actions can impact on it, it is up to you to do it in a positive way. Take care of them, make them feel part of the company, aware of the role they play in the organization. Workers who feel involved are more productive in their work, their performance is up to 38% higher. In addition, they are more proactive, and 78% of them recommend the products of their brand.

Users of social networks. 60% of a brand’s fans recommend it to their friends. 34% of Twitter users and 22% of Facebook users publish product opinions at least once a week. Very valuable information, since 97% of users are looking for information online about the products in which they are interested.

Who are the main soft dvocates of your brand? How do you promote the loyalty of your users?

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