How companies and brands can connect with Generation Z?

Many companies have begun to worry about the so – called Generation Z, because they know that although this is the golden moment for millennials, who want to conquer all brands, younger consumers are just around the corner. The Z generation is those born in the 90s (from the second half) and is now below the 20 to 19 years. These consumers are different from the Millennials in their scale of values, what they expect from companies and life and the ways to reach them, making firms not left them no choice but to create new formulas connect with them. Use the tools millennials succeed with no sense if they want to reach the Z.

In social networks, for example, Generation Z shares more than previous generations, but also do it in a more conscious and are more able to determine where the limits of what they can and cannot publish are.

And if they are so different though they seem so close in time, what can brands do to seduce? In a recent article, Mashable established three guiding key points about what should be done to reach the Generation Z with a marketing campaign based on what industry is already doing successfully.

How companies and brands can connect with Generation ZIn social media, focus on Snapchat and YouTube

Members of Generation Z are highly social users: 81% of the members of this generation is present and active in social networks. But they are present in the social media universe does not mean that brands are already coming to them; since their favorite social networks are not the same they use and love their older siblings.

Most (if not all) of the members of this generation come every week on YouTube and half of them do even several times a day. To reach them no choice, therefore, to bet on videos. Videos of short duration are a perfect way to reach them and start the conversation.

In addition, are also active users of Snapchat, the social network has managed ephemeral messages that deeply penetrate between this market (and you just open your hand to advertising).

One way to get attention is to push them to do things

One of the things that are usually repeated on Generation Z is that they have much more enterprising than previous generations will. The number of members of this generation have been raised aimed at creating their own business is greater than those who have made between previous population groups. But that willingness to do things for themselves not only affects how to face their future careers, but also their relationship with the world.

To succeed, brands must give consumers of this population group tools so they can do things, so they can learn while they eat. Educational videos, tutorials, tips and DIY communities around a brand succeed notably among members of this generation.

The strategy should be cross-marketing

Nothing to stay with a stand, nothing to bet on a single means to reach a specific niche, nothing to do one thing on television and over the Internet. The strategy should be cross-platform , that is, everything that is done must be related and must speak of one carrier to another. Each support imposed do different things and focus more on one aspect or another, but all that is done must make sense together because, like the millennials and how they will do more, members of Generation Z will jump from one to another platform.

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