Do you have a sales plan 360?

Everything in the company sells is a no-brainer. From how to answer the phone, such as our facilities, which generate image from our website and our employees behave, all absolutely everything, sends a message to the customer about who we are and what we can do for the customer.

It is equally true that every day the company has more channels / communication tools to engage and interact with customers, window dressing, social networks, telemarketing, web, streaming, etc., so if we combine the two premises that everything communicates and sell, or not in the company, and we are increasingly present for customers through channels and new media, the risk of failure or not to sell increases, but certainly we must consider this as a world of opportunities, which will generate copious benefits for our brand, if we play our cards right, of course.

You may have for your company a sales plan, where you pick the targets by areas, customers, vendor, per unit, per franchisee, you may not push yourself sales to social networks and certain actions on the Internet, and most likely my experience is that you have differentiated the world off line and on line in the same document, all this is possible, and even, I would say quite common in business today.

Do you have a sales plan 360In these times of new sales channels, yes sales as directly or indirectly affect that ratio, such as social networks, web, hangout, show room, collecting leads, exchanges link, etc., are It should require a contribution to these sales (in the format we consider) and pick them up, establishing and say how to control the sales plan. If it is true that many insist on saying that social networks are not good substrates for sale, perhaps the traditional and as we conceive for years no, but it is not true that the level of prescription, recommendation, advisory, influence they have those social networks and other digital tools translate into sales.

That is why so all my clients recommend that the sales plan has set targets (measurable / time achievement) for social networks, or is that a pharmaceutical laboratory do not put goals prescribers such as doctors and these are reflected in their sales plans ?, of course albeit indirectly impact on the sale is important, ask her performance and we measure those results. With this initiative included in the plan sales, which are crucial tool in marketing but do not cause direct sales should be assigned objectives and monitor their performance. This must be imperative, the company must know how well it works every tool and if they are used properly for what we want to achieve. These are sales 360, the ability to include in a single sales plan all the tools at my disposal from the company and generate sales, so it would not be unreasonable, audit the number of entries that causes a showcase, the fixed attention a facade, the outgoing is the uniform of our vendors, such as impact our lead campaigns, etc? , All give vital information to audit these my business tools, and to establish plans for improvement in use and ways for these tools and other potential we could start, and this will influence positively on sales of the brand , insurance.

The term sales plan 360 I will make a recommendation to have a metric of all that which is required of any of the actions or tools from the company used to sell, either in the online environment, or the environment off line.Every company must already have a part on line if you want to be commercially competitive, mainly because this area generates a lot of information relevant to the customer and the amount of supply that currently owns the customer, the company that does not generate information, distrusts, that company on the Internet and click the stroke reference client does not get on the network, it is someone who in principle only in principle, lost chances of selling by mistrust. The benefit of expanding market that was what appealed most to the company to begin digital activities a few years ago, has lost weight to be a customer environment, to provide information, reputation and prescription products and / or services. It is therefore currently working sales director, the head of marketing, marketing manager, who is responsible for marketing the company does not generate the two world on line and off line as different or separate aspects of the company, but merge, consistently make the operation of both areas, so there will be to design sales plans homogenize our brand image on the street and into the net.

Today talk about what online and off line, increasingly less sense from a business perspective (is spreading at a population level the network usage and purchasing in this area, it online only is a channel different nothing else), not because everyone does not have certain distinctive features, which if you have them , but because since the companies have the mission they have to live harmoniously, necessary, essential and adding value to the marketing of the company. This is the evolution that has been taking over time marketing on the Internet, not too the surfer target / digital client was a segment with very distinct and different characteristics of the customer off line today these two worlds and their customers share much more than they differ, so each day will have less reason to be differentiate both types of client depending on where you buy and the trend is to be reduced with maximum speed further possible trade gap between client off / on line .That is why the sales plan that you design will have to include both areas for operation and as a matter of commercial homogenization, in you will have to determine the contribution and investment needed in each world, but mostly as to be complemented to achieve the sales targets set. Sales are 360, the circle closes

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