Differentiation, the best strategic resource to overcome the competition

“The Internet can help us significantly boost customer service”

We live in a world where there are many companies from the same sector that are increasingly competing in a more global market.

Virtually no one has a product so absolutely exclusive that it is impossible to copy or sell it cheaper in the store next door or online, there is always who can pull more margins to sell at a better price, hooking avid users of bargains and discounts.

This society is based on a clear premise: buy. If I do not like your product or service, I have a hundred similar options within reach of my hand at a single mouse click thanks to electronic commerce. It is easy. What should we do to avoid falling into the oblivion of consumers now more than ever when the crisis looks at the pocket more than anything? The answer, from my point of view, is clear: differentiate ourselves from the rest either by a great customer service or with our products or services.

I know it is difficult, that with the amount of competing companies and similar products differentiation can become a titanic task. One factor that most directly appeals to the consumer is the price, we Spaniards are very expensive. But the big ones have quite an advantage here because of the agreements with the distributors. It is unavoidable.

Said this and before the difficulty of competing in equality of conditions in the subject of the price, another factor is the service and how the client is attended. Good customer service can not be bought wholesale, it is intrinsic to the philosophy of each business, an element that must impregnate all our workers.

Our attention (how we respond, how we sell and how we act in after-sales) will differentiate us from the rest and will make the client come back to us in the future. The buyer can be satisfied beyond the good conditions in which he receives the product we offer him. In addition, the effect of good customer service brings with it a key point that will help us expand our business: recommendations. Satisfied client, client who will speak positively of our actions and will recommend to his relatives due to its network effect. Social networks should allow us to start the conversation with our customers.

The Internet can help us greatly enhance customer service. A ticket system that regulates online customer service not only serves to better control the issue, but also to enjoy a history that will allow us to locate and resolve problems beforehand.

Nor should we forget that employees are our best community managers. The deal with the client must be worked as a differentiating element regardless of whether it is online or offline and training our employees in the right way does not imply an additional economic cost. Rather it is to apply common sense in online relationships between the company and its customers. A user manual of social networks can save many undesirable situations.

The equation as you see is very simple: customer service + workers + quality service + competitive price = differentiation. Everything mixed in its proper measure will help us to position our product above the competition.

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