Customer Service in Social Media: Basic guidelines for action

Customers demand a customer service in Social Media; According to the NYU and Conversocial survey, half of the customers would leave a company that does not serve them through social networks. But it is not always easy to offer an effective customer service.

Customer Service in Social Media Basic guidelines for actionIs this a particularly new medium, which involves a new way of approaching the client, a new language, totally different patterns of action, even a fear of the unknown? To make the task a little easier, here are some basic guidelines:

Listen to your audience. It is the main step. If you do not pay attention, you will never know what they are asking for, what needs they have, or how your product can satisfy them. For this, it is essential to have human capital used in the tracking and analysis of the media landscape, together with the appropriate monitoring tools.

Always act correctly.The customer service department in Social Media acts as the spokesperson for the company, it is their visible head. For this reason, their interventions must represent the corporation, following the company’s guidelines and corporate culture. The responsible person must also have the necessary training to play his role, which implies a mastery of social networks, the jargon used in each one of them and their particular characteristics. It is a matter of promoting the rapprochement between both parties, provoked by the Social Media, and getting the client to feel taken care of as it deserves, in a timely manner.

Think before you act.The rush was never good counselors. Faced with a complicated situation, where the customer is very angry and has even despised the brand, do not ever let yourself be led by the first impulse. Take a deep breath, evaluate the situation and evaluate the possible solutions. Never let out feelings of anger or disdain for the client. Always keep in mind that you speak on behalf of the brand, and you must always take care of the forms.

Shows agility.A timely response is a victory. (Http:// Customers demand attention, in the shortest time possible; Even in real time. Customers do not expect you to give them an immediate answer, they understand that solving a problem can take time. But they do expect an answer, knowing that their message has arrived and that someone is working to offer them the right service. They especially appreciate being cared for and kept informed about your case. First of all, do not ignore your attention calls, it really hurts.

Do not wait, act. Be proactive, as much as possible.For example, if a manufacturing defect has been detected in a product line, do not wait for customers to notice it, and a flood of complaints and complaints. Take care of the situation and make available to the customers all the necessary information about the problem, as well as the different ways to solve it. They will thank you forever and this action will greatly improve your confidence in the brand.

Get ready for the worst.At any moment a crisis of reputation can be unleashed. It is convenient to be prepared, to have an effective crisis strategy, to provide guidance on the guidelines to follow. On the other hand, it is vital to build a strong relationship with customers based on trust; So that, faced with an adverse situation, they do not carry a priori against the brand, but wait first to know its official version and listen to their explanations. It is in these moments when the bonds between the brand and its followers really tighten, when you can establish a relationship of true trust and get authentic brand advocates.

What is the most important thing for you, when it comes to offering an effective customer service in Social Media?

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