Content in online video is increasingly influential among consumers

Online video is the type of content most demanded by online users. On average, Internet users in the United States spend 19 hours consuming online videos. It is important to note that these videos are not just leisure and entertainment, but users demand videos on those products that interest, information that influences the conversion.

Business woman are checking stock marketUsers search the internet for product videos

60% of the audiovisual content that consumers are viewing is about products and 3 out of 5 customers spend at least 2 minutes watching these videos that can help generate greater confidence and influence purchase decisions, as stated in 52 % Of consumers surveyed.

However, the benefits of product videos do not end here. According to the data analyzed thanks to this type of content it is also possible to reduce the percentage of returns. Half of the customers who intended to return a product discard the idea after watching a video about that product. A good sales video is able to show the characteristics and applications of the product in a real and convincing way, clearing the initial doubts about it.

Definitively, reviews or product presentations have succeeded in serving many companies and brands to promote their sales among consumers. Customers who watch these videos are 174% more willing than the rest to purchase the products that are presented.

The augue of mobile devices and video consumption

Half the smartphone owners saw a video on their mobile device in the last 3 months. Mobile customers prefer 3 times more to play the videos on their handheld, rather than turning to the computer, whether portable or desktop.

In addition, videos drive mobile shopping. 40% of customers indicate that this type of content increases their desire to buy it through the mobile. However, tablets are devices that generate more profitable conversions. 62% of iPad users spent an average of over $ 250 last year.

Online videos have become the most powerful weapon for brands

According to data collected in a recent investigation of Invodo, in addition to confirming the ability of videos to increase confidence and reinforce the intention to buy, these contents are presented as a highly attractive support to consume information. One in three customers watches videos on the product page, or where they find them, while looking for information about the product that interests them.

It is a highly viralizable content. 41% of customers are more willing to share product videos than any other piece of content, while 3 out of 4 marketers plans to add video to their web pages, clearly indicating that companies will increase their resources and budgets In the audiovisual production of this type of content.

Its applications are many. In addition to including it on the web, videos can be made available to customers within the store, using a QR; Be included as a graphic component of retargeting actions or share it on social networks.

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