Companies have to earn the trust of consumers to compete

The Futures Company, a trends consultant, has presented at the Marketing Society Annual Conference the results of a study in which they show the characteristics of the main commercial brands most valued by consumers.

The study, carried out online among 1010 respondents, shows that the most valued companies are those that they like and that most people trust. The other two characteristics that have more in mind the respondents are an excellent service of customer service and the quality of the products of the companies.

For consumers what makes a company great is also one that rectifies its mistakes, knows how to anticipate the future better than its competitors, is that company that the rest tries to copy, trends, is super sales and knows how to adapt to the tastes changing consumers.

Regarding the characteristics that best define the leaders, the respondents highlight, in a 74%, that they are good communicators and that they assume responsibilities of their good or bad decisions, 69% of the respondents emphasize the importance of knowing what actions He has to carry out the business and be effective in organizing people.

The ability to assess situations quickly and react to them, the vision of the future and the positive character, that is, focusing on opportunities instead of on problems, is situated to the tail of the leaders’ best virtues.

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