Brands have finally realized that you have to measure what really matters

Measure the ROI remains the main headache of brands, although maturity in the sector has enabled them to achieve significant progress in this regard. When knowing the ROI in Social Media main thing is to establish indicators that truly reflect the impact and evolution of the campaign. Ie, it measures what really matters, and finally brands have realized.

Rather than counting the number of I like a Facebook post, it is much more important to find out the times you shared, so does 58% of the marketers of the Fortune 500 who participated in the study by Ad Age and Wildfire, of Google.

Brands have finally realized that you have to measure what really mattersCompanies committed to social bonding know your audience with the brand. Thus, 56% consider as a second indicator of the relevance of its strategy of Social Media the number of followers, along with the number of prints and scope of their publications (55%) and the conversion rate of the same (54%) .

On the other hand, they do not obsess brands the idea that social networks are for sale. Although they take into account generated from their social activity (47%) sales, is not its primary objective in this area. On the other hand, 42% also carefully studies the referential traffic coming from social channels. This leads them to be up to 30% more willing to use analytical tools and measuring social networks.

The data show that marketers appreciate the potential of social networks and their ability to connect with customers, increase brand awareness and grow in their interest in the company. It is goals that go beyond getting a timely sale.

Another important point is that large companies are committed to integrating social networks with other actions including online marketing strategy (51%).

Definitely, companies are able to see positive results in your Social Media strategy, and this measure passes beyond a RT or Like. And not only in the case of large. As indicated Unisphere, currently, measurements of marketers are primarily based on recording the number of reviews and social interactions (67%), measure the reference traffic (62%) or direct responses, such as the case of discharges (42%).

As proof that social networks operate, it is the fact that brands will increase its budget in this area in the coming years. According to Business Insider, in 2014 companies will earmark 9% of its budget to social media, a percentage that is expected to reach 16% in 2018.

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