Being creative is also important for engagement

By now, no one can doubt that marketing in Social Media is highly effective as a way to get to know users, gain more customers and even get new business opportunities. In fact, there are studies that state that more than 93% of the brands and companies that have implemented Social Media Marketing in their businesses, the main objective that they pursue is precisely this: to reach more users-clients, and, therefore, to be much more visible than its competition.

likeBut Social Media is not something exclusive, although it does have some requirements, it is there for everyone, and companies that plunge into the two-fold world are largely aware of the effort and time it takes to create a social brand, and not only that, but, create from scratch a community around the brand.

In social networks there are already many brands, many businesses that share content of various kinds with which they try to attract their client, and, precisely for this reason, it is imperative that, if our brand is to jump to the two point, differentiate from the rest, and, for that, we must put in motion all the mechanisms of our creativity.

A brand in social networks must maintain a line of action, but it must be able to surprise its client-user, for example, by publishing content in a way that the user is not accustomed to, that is not expected, publishing outside the hours in which we usually do. This will powerfully draw the attention of the internaut, and, if you connect with us, will look forward to the next post we publish. If social networks have a good thing, it is that they are not subject to schedules, the hours are fixed by their own users, and, in this case, the brands.

A very powerful resource is the publication and creation of videos, since users remember much better content in images than a post written like this that you are reading, and, therefore, has a considerably greater impact.

On the other hand, users who always see the same are bored and what they see no longer awakens their attention, so we must constantly be attracting them to us, and a good way to do it is to renew the look of our blogs from time to time and social profiles, cover and photo on Facebook and header, photo and background on Twitter, for example.

Users of social networks, although they want and need the brand to interact with them, do not really expect it, or at least, to do so immediately, so it is a good idea that if we manage corporate profiles we try to answer the user as soon as possible as well as being a good practice to publish different content, not only focus on a specific type, ie publish, in addition to posts, videos, photos, infographics or presentations. Engagement is achieved mainly by interacting with other users, and users can become customers.

Creativity is not just for the creative.

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