Am I a compulsive consumer?

Dependence, anxiety and uncontrolled impulses from purchases are some of the symptoms that compulsive consumers feel., Europe’s second-largest private online sales store, gives you the keys to detect if you buy what you need or if, on the contrary, you are “crazy” about purchases.

Do you feel that you are happier when you carry a newly purchased object in your hands? The compulsive buyer acquires products that he does not need because the mere fact of buying them makes him feel better and calms his anxiety. When this becomes dependency, we are facing a clear case of compulsive buyer. This pathology, which affects women more than men, can reach such extreme levels that they cause the economic ruin of the patient and his family.

According to Ana Gómez de Escauriaza, psychologist: “A compulsive buyer is defined by a loss of the ability to control impulses, which translates into a compulsive purchase. This type of buyer does not value the objects that he acquires and is defined by a deep anxiety of acquisition and a voracious hunger to buy “.

Are you a compulsive buyer?

Do you buy when you feel depressed? Do you buy products above your standard of living? Do you accumulate clothes or objects that you do not need for the pleasure of buying them? If you answered “yes” to more than one of these questions, you are a clear case of compulsive buyer.

Compulsive buyers usually pay their purchases by credit or debit card and lose the size and control of their expenses. When they check the status of their account, the negative feeling experienced can only be corrected by the act of buying again. This completes the circle.

When and why?

This attitude can occur after a breakup, a family conflict, work problems or any problem that affects your mood.

Compulsive shopping as an addiction is directly related to self-esteem problems and seeks to achieve a better state of mind through what was purchased. recommends a controlled consumption, for this reason it advises you to make a list of the necessary objects before going out to buy and establish a monthly budget that will help you not to exceed you. It is important to enjoy our purchases and always perform within our limits.

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