8 out of 10 consumers read reviews online before making their purchases

80% of adult consumers read reviews online before buying. A practice that is given regardless of age, as recorded by the report published by YouGov.

The report states that more than half of consumers (51%) consider that an average of 4 of these online reviews will provide enough information to decide whether to buy the product. Depending on age, decreases the number of opinions that customers need to get an idea about the suitability of purchasing the product. 86% consider useful content and in which trust.

8 out of 10 consumers read reviews online before making their purchasesIn the case of the over 55s, 58% only read a maximum of 3 reviews; a number that is only enough for 46% of young people under 35 years. Also, women read more reviews on products than men; 60% of them need at least 4; an amount which only reaches 42% of men.

What reasons lead consumers to read reviews online?

The main reason for seeking recommendations on internet is to ensure product quality; so says 79% of survey participants. Meanwhile, 61% need to know if the product will actually be useful for your needs; while 53% want to be sure that you will not cheat.

Another important fact to consider is that customers show particular interest in the reviews from other client, depending on the price of the product. Thus, 20% of respondents said that looking online reviews when you are buying costs over $ 100. This demand for online valuations begins mainly during the search and selection of options to buy (85%), while only 14% use them just before confirming your purchase.

Also, they look for reviews and ratings of certain products specifically. As for household equipment, customers showed interest mostly on the opinions of related electronics (53%) and appliances (40%) products. also it highlights the interest to know the recommendations of other customers when buying a car (40%) or choosing a hotel (36%).

What influence has online opinions in the final decision?

The study indicates that, for the vast majority of consumers (87%), valuations in the form of scores are very (34%) or somewhat important (53%) when determining whether or not to purchase the product. very similar to the influence of the comments written clients; 90% highlights its importance in the purchase decision; which it is maintained for both the over-55s (93%) and those under 35 (84%).

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