5 low-cost actions to impact your customers in after-sales

What is the profitability generated by a sale?

In general, it depends on many factors (prices, discounts, associated costs, commissions, taxes, etc.). On this occasion we will focus only on the cost of ‘Capturing’ “a new client. That is, the necessary investments to generate an effective contact that we can then transform into an effective sale.

In that case and only for this analysis a second sale to the same customer would have a higher profitability, since the cost of ‘Capture’ is zero. One of the factors that most influence to get that ‘second sale’ “is after-sales work.

Here are 5 low-cost ideas to impact your clients:

1. After that first sale, nothing more friendly than making a courtesy call. We do not speak in this case of a depersonalized contact center but of a simple call from the person who managed the sale. As a gesture it is very valuable and it is also an excellent tool to get feedback and learn more from our clients.

2. Include something free as a concept ‘surprise’ “will generate a positive reaction the customer gets more than he expected. This type of tactic can be used in a segmented manner to distinguish only some clients considered to be of high potential for the repurchase or as a loyalty action.

3. Place a discount coupon for the next purchase, the main advantage of this tactic is that it will allow us to have a measurement of the conversion rate. For this you only need to place a unique code on each coupon. This technique is widely used to promote complementary products and services and take advantage of the income that cross-selling can generate.

4. Send a brief survey, show the client that their opinion is important and generate a flow of information to give feedback to the service. Presenting the results to potential clients and adapting them in ‘testimonial’ format is an ideal tactic to reduce the risk perceived in the first purchase.

5. Send a personalized and signed note, even with a photo of the person who subscribes to really show that behind any company (no matter the size) there is someone attentive to respond for the products and services marketed.

All these actions can be combined and will surely collaborate by generating more and better income through new businesses. There are hundreds of statistics that show that the value of a loyal customer is much higher than the value of a new customer, therefore investments in loyalty should always be part of the analysis of any company.

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