Infinite Scrolling, Infinite Possibilities

Infinite scrolling websites, where content is called asynchronously as a user views a page and it appears therefore to be endlessly scrolling, are becoming a major trend in website design. Here we outline some thoughts on this as a design pattern and the opportunities it can bring to your business.

Infinite Scrolling, Infinite Possibilities

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1) Increased Dwell Time

Since there’s nothing else for a user to do than scroll, you stand a really good chance of retaining their attention and increasing your dwell time.

2) Ease of Use

There’s no need to further instruct a viewer – we can assume most know how to scroll, and so you receive the added benefit of content consumption for little additional work.

3) Natural UI

Users generally appreciate it, as the page style corresponds with the way we all naturally consume content, and it’s an uninterrupted user experience.

4) A Given for Mobile

Infinite scrolling is almost made for mobile and makes the experience so much cleaner on a smaller device – no messy clicking and you can almost function one-handed.

5) Works with Touch

Like mobile, touch experiences can be enhanced. Content boxes pop up in a way that ensures each is a unique element and easy to click on.

6) Perfect for Visual Sites

If you consider the larger sites that use it to their advantage such as Pinterest, it’s absolutely perfect for large image volume display in a way that doesn’t offend the user’s eye. And there are no limits to the image volume or size. You can basically make a visual jigsaw. Combine this with other elements like text to maximise your users’ experience.

7) Opens the Creative Door

Given the number of options available, it presents an infinite number of ways for you to tell your story and present information to your customers and potential customers.

So the question remains around whether you should consider using infinite scrolling on your website. Given these points, you should absolutely consider it, depending on your offering and the needs of your audience. Implemented well, it can mean a great user experience. Do it badly and you’ll just frustrate people. If you’re considering it, then you might need help from web designers in Essex such as

Get the right help and your site could be a masterpiece.

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