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Advertising digital media investment grows 21%

The association of advertising, marketing and digital communications today introduced the Study of Advertising Investment in Digital Media (total 2015), developed in collaboration with PWC. The total investment data in digital advertising in 2015...


Is mobile web design worth it?

Any conversation about web design today will revolve around arguments over the need to optimise for visitors using mobile devices. And while having a mobile-friendly site may not have been necessary 12 months ago,...


Tips for Designing a Business Website

Your website is the window to your business for a proportion – if not all – of your customers. They want to know who you are, why you’re better than the competition and, most...


6 tips to prove that your idea will work

How can you persuade investors, friends and your future employees that you are not going to disappoint? After conceiving a thought, how can you validate that business prospectus really work? Moreover, how can you...


Common Software Errors Exposed

Software bugs are very routine conditions that can cause computers to malfunction, crash or produce incorrect or unexpected results due to errors, mistakes, defects or faults in initial coding or logic. As software developers...


Panda Algo: The Latest Thinking

Google has had a tendency in the past to remain tight-lipped about search algorithm updates but recently surprised many in the industry by commenting on Panda.