The video as an online marketing tool

Many people today can make a remarkable video of more or less high quality and get worthy links. In the last 5 years the exponential curve of technological progress has made possible the creation of a high quality video to become a product of mass consumption, a pastime that requires only modest resources and limited experience to achieve results that can reach To be even breathtaking.

The video as an online marketing toolFor any firm that is serious about increasing its presence on the web, and optimizing search engine results  (SEO),  the  contribution of high quality audiovisual content is crucial, and video results are appearing more and more frequently in the SERPS (The natural results of the search engines). Visits to YouTube and other similar servers are increasing and along with a growing bandwidth video is becoming an increasingly integrated and important way in browsing the net. A brand can never fully control the way its brand, opinions and comments are referenced. So it is best to do it proactively with high quality content and presentations that bring a positive image of the brand. Some companies think that their product can not be adjusted to a film language or that audiovisual production costs are not compensated by the return on investment. Is it really worth the effort?

From our audiovisual producer Onvideo we not only try to show the benefits of having online videos of the company but we advise you on some conditions that these corporate videos should fulfill in order to really achieve the objective for which they are conceived: to bring the company closer to the potential client, Structure and capabilities with transparency, inspire confidence and proximity.

The main reasons for offering video content are:

  • Strengthening  branding
  • Acquisition of inbound links
  • Advantage over competitors
  • The video is indexed in the web map

The first 3 points are pretty clear: video can help differentiate the brand over its competitors. The video on the web map allows search engines to crawl the  content of the video on the web and present it in the video section in the search results. Through the web map you can choose the image, the label and the title allowing Google to direct the visitors to the player of the page in order to do it in an external one like YouTube.

What makes a video great?

It is evident that some technical aspects in the creation of a video contribute to its success, as the quality, its duration, the speed of descent and so on. But there are also a number of values ​​that make some videos generate attraction and comments. There are three basic elements to generate both opinions and links. Successful videos always have at least some of these characteristics: They entertain, instruct or form and provide interesting or useful information.

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