Top further tips to boost your website’s SEO

When you’re developing a better business website, you’ll need to focus on good SEO. The sort of tactics that your digital partners from an agency specialising in web design in Stroud will include the following:

Search optimisation

Image Credit

Using Adwords

Many people think that greater search traffic is simply a given if you rank highly. Simply put, although more visitors will see your listing, this won’t necessarily translate into click-throughs. This is because you may need a better keyword strategy, or because your meta descriptions aren’t appealing enough to the user. Google Adwords can help you to create a stronger keyword strategy for your particular business. Enticing meta descriptions are also essential.


Before the Penguin update of 2013, website owners would just place as much content as they could on their sites, whether good or bad, in order to get backlinks. However this no longer works, and really bad content can be penalised by Google. Now, guest blogging is important to get quality and authoritative backlinks.

Small-scale guest authorship can benefit your website greatly if you do it in the right way. Remember, there are plenty of digital experts that can help. For SEO support, contact Spear South West for Stroud web design, UX, digital strategy and more.

Using title tags

Nowadays, keyword stuffing will get you nowhere. This is completely against the webmaster guidelines, issued by Google every year, and increasingly more advanced. Bad target is now a very dangerous game indeed.

Focus on images

Previously, it was possible to ignore photos on a website and get good rankings without an alt text or image file titling. Now, thanks to the important of on-page SEO, images can help to boost your rankings. Make sure you give it a file name and alt text so that Google can reference it correctly. Remember, Google can’t read images, so it needs these to understand what the image is, and what value it has in terms of the content you are sharing.


Again, a previous tactic involved making sure that your website was in a ton of directories, no matter how low quality or spammy. Today, it is essential to only focus on high quality, niche and target directories that have strong authority and high standards. It is relatively easy to identify these sites, so be judicious in their use.

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