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Don’t let your debts get you down

Sometimes it is very difficult to keep on top of your finances, such as paying your monthly bills and making sure your credit card and direct debit payments are made.

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Cocktail essentials for bars or restaurants

Cocktails are enjoying immense popularity at the moment, and there is barely a pub, bar or restaurant in the country that doesn’t have at least a short list of cocktails on offer. Consumer expectations...

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Do You Know Who Is in Your Building?

In the event of a fire alarm or other emergency would you know exactly who is in your building? Are you still asking visitors to sign in using an old-fashioned paper book? If the...

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How to record your computer screen

Would you like to record the screen and export the video in good quality? Then check out these programs that allow you to easily screencast. How to Capture the computer screen Currently, we have...


How to study by using your smartphone?

We live in a world dominated by technology and it’s a mere understatement when we account for the massive amount of change the internet and computers have brought into our lives. We have gone...

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What Type of Transformer do you Need?

There are many kinds of transformers available, from standard laminated core to a range of more specialist types which offer different properties and features. Different types are suitable for different purposes, but it can...

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Top digital trends for 2016

Every year sees new trends and developments hit the world of website development. Here is a look at some of the hot contenders for 2016. Image Credit More apps Apps are now so ubiquitous...